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Hello, my name is Lisa Bauer and I am a professional food photographer and food stylist.


Food photography is an area of advertising photography. This is a professional photo shoot of food and drinks. What does it mean to me? A job? No, that's my life, my thoughts, my love at first sight.


I really like what I do and that's why I approach each project with great commitment. For me photography is no different than art, still life, infinite inspiration. Each product comes alive in my hands and turns into a picture. I take such photos that you immediately get hungry.


Marketing plays a big role in our world. If you want your product or brand to be recognizable and sold on the market, you need quality content created by a professional. It is no secret that a good photo of the product as a marketing tool is the key to successful advertising campaign. Food market competition is too high, that’s why advertising photography is an effective means of advertising. Food photography is a realistic image and has a strong power of persuasion and influence on the buyers. My goal as a food photographer is to make a successful presentation of your product.



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Lisa Bauer Photography

Lisa Bauer Photography